Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Sessions cover all ISO requirements in the following fields:
– Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015)
– Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301:2022)
– Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018)
– Facility Management (ISO 41001:2018)
– Energy Management System (ISO 50001:2011)
– Information Management System (ISO 27001:2013)
– Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015)
– Educational Management System (ISO 21001:2018)
– HR Standards, Internal and External Human Capital (ISO30414:2018)
– Translation Management System, TSP (ISO 17100.2015)

We offer System Introduction, Implementation, and Applying of the related requirements of the specific ISO Standard, conducting internal audits and accompanied by external audits.

Our team of professional consultants can work with you to form the required documentation that’s straightforward to fulfill your and the standard’s requirements and, therefore, the desires of your customers to satisfy the particular ISO requirements.

Through the targeted recording of your business processes, we tend to discuss the points you would like to work on, or maybe GAP Analysis, etc., and within which areas you’re already well-positioned. Together, we tend to develop measures to bring you to the next level. This guarantees continuous improvement following the ISO standards.

Through targeted preparation work, training, and workshops, we will show you ways to progress steadily through your system to pass the Certification Audit simply.

At the tip of your consultation, you hold an entire system in your hands. With that, you’ll be able to cope with the standard requirements.

Preparation for the certification audit consistent with the particular ISO Standard:

As a part of our consultation sessions, our consultants make a case for what you have to think about throughout the Certification Audits and prepare the corporate documentation and, therefore, the team member specifically for the certification body’s audit. However, if something gets wrong throughout the audit, we will assist you in processing the known deviations, if any.

The success rate is incredibly high thanks to this targeted preparation, and it’s not possible that you simply can fall flat during the certification audit.
We cooperate and work exclusively with certification bodies licensed by a state-accredited body.

Of course, we continue developing the system documentation for our clients, even after the initial certification audit and based on the provided recommendations by the lead auditors of the certification body. As skilled consultants, we also tend to take care of our customers throughout the year and support them with open queries, even when there are any audits. Our experienced consultants can assist you with implementing your system issues, creating new or modified work instructions, and proceeding with any newly needed procedures, forms, record templates, etc.

Preparation for surveillance and recertification audits:

After the certification audit:

Suppose you have any difficulties with implementing the corrective actions or in preparation for the internal or external audits, e.g., the initial, the surveillance, or recertification audits. We are here for you to manage and design the needed actions to implement and consider the necessary procedures or documentation.
Our experienced and certified consultants are ready to support you with implementing the annual internal audit.
Since all our consultants are trained as external and international lead auditors, you will also get the knowledge needed to deal with the certification bodies professionally.

Compliance consultancy:

Our team is prepared to produce consultation to support the requirements of your process-based system. We can provide your team with the required level of professional knowledge to make sure we tend to improve your current operations and exceed your expectations considerably. Our objectives are to support you with up-to-date tools and specific expertise related to your business field to make a long strategic partnership with a win-win-win outcome.